Kiril Cvetkov


Front-end apps, Back-end apps, Forms, Landing pages...
You name it, I'll build it.
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What I can do for you!
What I can do for you!

I'm a committed and result-driven web developer based in Chicago. I have a passion for clean code, highly impactful apps, and smart design.


My vast experience and expertise can direct you towards the best solutions and save you time and money.

Web Apps

Front-end apps, back-end apps, forms, landing pages, personal websites, SaaS, API integration... you name it, I'll build it.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the industry leader in cloud computing and storage. I can help you take full advantage of their cost-effective and flexible services.

Responsive Design

Viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your web content will have impeccable consistency.

About me
About me

  • Lead Web Developer, LTD 5 years
  • Senior Web Developer, LLC 10 years
  • PHP Developer
    Web BG, LTD 2 years
My Skills
PHP 100%
Python 50%
MySQL 100%
HTML/CSS/JavaScript 100%
Laravel 70%
Bootstrap 85%
Linux 75%
AWS 85%
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